Art Department Curriculum

The BHS Art Department offers a wide variety of opportunities to engage in the visual arts. Students could try a range of new media and techniques through the following courses: Drawing I and II, Painting I and II, Digital Photography, Digital Art I and II, 2-D Design I and II, Pottery I and II, 3-D Design I and II, and Jewelry & Metalsmithing. Opportunities for exposure to new technologies such as the virtual reality painting software Google Tiltbrush, and the drawing/painting/design iPad app ProCreate, will also be integrated. Also, if students are interested in diving deeper into their art studies, there are opportunities to specialize in an area and work their way up through our honors and advanced courses. Students can earn college credit in our UConn ECE Drawing course, or choose the AP Art Studio Art class where they create a portfolio in one of three areas of focus: Drawing, 2-D Art and Design, or 3-D Art and Design. Our curriculum works to nurture the student’s ability to communicate visually while building 21st century skills that would apply to any career path. Students wishing to receive Honors Challenge credit for designated courses must complete the approved contract process established by the department. Please see the teachers within the department for more information.

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