Winter Event

On Thursday, December 22, AP Studio Art students kicked off the holidays by taking on the challenge of painting various winter animation characters, similar to our Nightmare Before Christmas Event earlier this year.

The students involved were:
*Gabriel Dombrowski painting Jack Goodwin as “Snow Miser”.
*Annalise Gormley painting Xander DeVoe as “Abominable Snowman”.
*Noah Neault painting Jacob Neault as “Grinch”.
*Donny Roski painting Emma Roski as “Heat Miser”.
*Hannah Schulz painting/sculpting Quin Burns as “Frosty”.
* Special thanks to our Student Photographer and Backdrop Painter – Jillian Balaban.

Each artist was given a Tyvek suit for the challenge to paint on. Face paint was used on their face and hands.

During ALL lunch waves they were on display in the cafeteria with the goal of spreading joy. Students and staff alike voted on Character Design and Performance Art.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support the event:)

To see photos

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