ECE UConn Drawing Art Show


ECE UConn Drawing (L-R): Lillian Bierwirth, Ishanee Patel, Meghan Fox, Emma Klepacki, Emily Mazzotta, Annie Sznaj, Matthew Bacon, Sofia Sierra, Ben Labadia, Bo Dehm Wicklund, Nicholas Gendron, Stephanie Boice, Rachel Fitzsimons, Marcel Wolanin.

Berlin High School’s University of Connecticut, Early College Experience, Art 1030-814 Drawing I students and their work will be celebrated at Berlin Peck Library with an exclusive exhibition.
The opening reception will be on Tuesday, May 29th from 6:00-7:45 and will run through Friday, June 1st for viewing. The library hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 – 8, Friday 10 – 5 and Saturday, 10 – 4.

About the Artists:

Matthew Bacon: Matthew is an 11th grade student at BHS. He realized he had artistic talent at a young age and has been drawing ever since. He enjoys drawing and prefers to work with pencil, pen and ink. When Matthew is not doing art he likes photography, hanging out with friends and running for the BHS track team. Matthew plans on enrolling in AP Studio Art and continuing to work on his artistic abilities.

Lillian Bierwirth: Lilly, a sophomore at Berlin High School, is someone who has always enjoyed art. She started drawing from a very young age and hasn’t stopped since. Lilly is someone who admires and appreciates the beauty in all art. Art is something that has always had a special place in her heart and is going to continue holding its place there.

Stephanie Boice: Stephanie is a sophomore at Berlin High School, and has always been interested in art. She has been taking art classes with Mrs. Miller since freshman year. Some of her favorite things to create are drawings and paintings. Art has been something that she has always enjoyed, and loves. As for now, she will continue to create art.

Rachel Fitzsimons: Rachel is a sophomore at Berlin High School. She has had a passion for art ever since she was young, and has always enjoyed channeling her creative side. Her favorite mediums are pencil, watercolor and charcoal. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and listening to music. Rachel is very passionate when it comes to art and hopes to continue art as a hobby for the rest of her life.

Meghan Fox: Meghan Fox is a Junior at Berlin High School. She took art classes through the New Britain Museum of American Art when she was little, which is where she discovered her love for art. She has dabbled in many unique art forms, but her main focuses are pottery, drawing and painting. She has taken art classes every year while at BHS and will be taking AP Studio Art next year.

Nicholas Gendron: As a junior, Nick has been a part of the BHS art department since freshman year and plans to continue to pursue art in the future. He is also active member of the swim team. Nick prefers pencil as his favorite medium when drawing.

Emma Klepacki: BHS junior Emma Klepacki has had a passion for fine arts since a young age. She plans on continuing with her artistry during her senior year by taking AP Studio Art. She enjoys a variety of art forms, the most significant ones being illustration and digital painting. Emma is currently planning on pursuing animation through college.

Ben Labadia: Since elementary school, Ben has always been highly involved in the arts, taking more rigorous courses in his high school years to better his skills. He plans to take AP Studio Art in his senior year and to continue and translating his abilities into film in college, where he plans to become a writer, actor, and director.

Emily Mazzotta: Emily is a junior at BHS, she recognized her artistic ability in 8th grade. She enjoys drawing, painting, photography and math. She leans toward drawing organic and nature things such as plants and abstract pieces. She plans to continue pursuing her love of art and creativity into her senior year and future life.

Ishanee Patel: Ishanee is a junior at BHS, she has taken drawing classes at BHS since freshman year and plans on taking AP Drawing her senior year. She has always had interest in art from a young age. She enjoys drawing organic materials such as plants and flowers, and still life.

Sofia Sierra: Sofia is an 11th grade student at Berlin High School. She has been interested in art since she was only 3 years old. She takes pleasure in sketching in pen and ink and also loves working in watercolor. Sofia enjoys hanging out with friends, writing poetry, and spending time with family when she is not drawing. Sofia plans to pursue art after her years at Berlin High School.

Annie Sznaj: Annie is a junior at BHS, but has been interested in many forms of the arts since a young age. She plans on continuing that passion into and past college with interior design. Although she enjoys drawing, painting is more of a preference. More specifically painting with acrylic paint. She can not wait to continue learning and improving her skill with art.

Bo Dehm Wicklund: Bo Dehm Wicklund is a junior and has been an art student of Mrs. Millers throughout all of her years at Berlin High School thus far. She has been enrolled in Art Survey, Pottery 1, Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Uconn ECE Drawing, and plans to take AP Studio Art next year in her senior year. Bo has always been interested in art and will continue to pursue it as a hobby even after high school.

Marcel Wolanin: Marcel Wolanin is a sophomore at Berlin High School. In his free time, Marcel likes to play soccer, listen to music, spend time with his friends, and, since a small child, create artwork. Marcel’s preferred medium for drawing is pencil on paper, but he also creates drawings digitally on his computer at home.



2016 UConn ECE Drawing Art Show

UConn ECE Drawing ReceptionFor Photos from the Opening Reception, Click Here! 


Berlin High School’s University of Connecticut, Early College Experience, Art 1030-814 Drawing I students and their work will be celebrated at Berlin Peck Library with an exclusive exhibition. The opening reception will be on Tuesday, May 17th from 6:30-7:45 and will run through till Saturday, May 21st for viewing. The gallery hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 – 8, Friday 10 – 5 and Saturdays, 10 – 4. We look forward to seeing you there.

UConn ECE Drawing

Photographed here are from left to right and top to bottom: Jacob Guart, Trevor Gagnon, Gabriel Dombrowski, Donald Roski, Katarzyna Midura, Jaclyn Lombardo, Alyssa Vasil, Mackenzie Morton, Noah Neault, and Annalise Gormley.

Short Bios:

Gabriel Dombrowski
Gabriel is a sophomore at BHS. He is focused on chemistry, engineering, and art. His plan is to attend West Point Military academy, and double major in chemical and civil engineering. In art, he focuses on drawing and painting, especially charcoal and acrylic paint. He prefers an interesting piece to a photorealistic one.

Trevor Gagnon
Trevor is a senior at BHS who has enjoyed making stunning, unique, and personal pieces since a young child. Over the past two years, learning from Mrs. Kathy Miller’s teachings, he has developed into a fine young artist. When not creating his artwork, he enjoys running indoor and outdoor track, hanging out with his friends, and exploring the world to give him his next artistic idea.

Annalise Gormley
Annalise is a junior at BHS and has taken drawing one and two before taking the ECE UConn drawing course. She is interested in animation, as well as other art forms that have deep meanings behind them. She loves to doodle on everything and is proud of her drawings. She hopes to use her artistic knowledge to help her in her future career and assist her in expressing her personality to other people.

Jacob Guart
Jacob is a post-graduate at BHS, who has been long involved with the Art Department since freshman year. He is always interested in trying out new forms of art and practicing/experimenting along the way. He’s currently part of a work transition program. To Jacob, he considers art as a good way to fully express himself skillfully and emotionally.

Jaclyn Lombardo
Jaclyn Lombardo is a junior at BHS. She enjoys playing lacrosse and participating in many extracurricular activities. Her Grandfather is an artist and she has loved following in his footsteps. As an artist, she enjoys drawing organic materials such as flowers and her favorite medium is pencil. She plans on majoring in accounting in college.

Kasia Midura
As a junior at BHS, Kasia has taken multiple art classes including several sculpture, painting and drawing courses. She has had a passion for art from a young age and has been placed in many art competitions. In her senior year she plans to take AP Studio Art.

Mackenzie Morton
Mackenzie is a sophomore at BHS, and has enjoyed taking art classes since she was young. Although she doesn’t plan to pursue an art-related career, she will never stop drawing. Her favorite medium to use is charcoal and pencil. Mackenzie also plays the violin and enjoys going horseback riding.

Noah Neault
As a junior at BHS, Noah has been a part of the Art Department since his freshman year and is planning to continue on to AP Studio Art next year. Noah is also an active Boy Scout pursuing the rank of Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank in Scouting. He is planning on attending college and majoring in Bio-Medical Engineering. Noah prefers to work in pencil and charcoal.

Donald Roski
Don Roski is a tenth grade student at Berlin High School.  In his free time, he is a Boy Scout and enjoys both listening to music and playing guitar (mostly grunge and classic rock).  In college, he is planning on majoring in a business field in order to eventually open a record store.

Alyssa Vasil
Alyssa Vasil is a senior at Berlin High School. She has had a passion for art ever since she was young. She enjoys using different mediums like charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, and acrylic. She loves to challenge herself and grows with each piece. She is planning on going to Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Connecticut to become an art therapist.

Color My World Project at Berlin High School

Anyone who has ever endured construction at their home knows, the anticipation for the final result, and exhaustion over the grind of construction can pay its toll on the people living through it. The Color My World Project is a mural on the 148’ long, 8’7” high temporary wall of the main corridor entering the building on the lower level of Berlin High School. The length of the wall inspired Mrs. Miller, one of BHS’s Art Teachers, to take advantage of a teachable moment while thinking of Wall Drawing 999 by the Hartford, Connecticut born American artist,
Sol LeWitt, who recently passed in 2007. The goal was to elevate the spirit with something beautiful to look at and something fun and creative to talk about.

walldrawing999Wall Drawing 999 at Mass MoCA

Our wall was primed with a color called Daydream on Saturday morning, 10-31-2015, in Banksy style for the tada effect that many students and staff noticed on the following Monday morning. The students who participated in the priming transformation included: Haley Cox, Matthew Formicola and Erin Scalora.

The AP Studio Art students: Nathaniel Baretta, Zachary Burkarth, Jacob Harris, Kaileen Langlois, Samantha Giardina, Daniel Perez, and Jason Szalaty had the pleasure of sketching out the line work during the day, while various art students from Mrs. Miller’s Art classes volunteered to paint in the lines with Magic Magenta paint from our local Pittsburgh Paint Shop. The instructions given to the students, included that all lines needed to be organic, continuous, minimal cross overs and altered in thickness. This type of conceptual art is not unlike how LeWitt himself worked. As a matter of fact, LeWitt conceptual style was often compared to that of an architect’s.

Saturday, November 7th –  – The students/parents who showed up for the event, include in no particular order: Jacob Harris, Nathaniel Baretta, Daniel Perez, Abbie Wendeheck, Hannah Schulz, Gabe Dombrowski, Zoey Salgado, Emily Mazzotta, Divya Patel, Annie Sznaj, Mrs. Sznaj, Annalise Gormley, Erin Scalora, and Mrs. Scalora.

Saturday, November 14th – Rachel Cruz, Kyle Gelazin, Kaileen Langlois, Emily Mazzotta, Erin Scalora, Mrs. Scalora, Hannah Schulz, Annie Sznaj, Mrs. Sznaj

Saturday, December 5th – Matthew Formicola, Emily Mazzotta, Erin Scalora, Hannah Schulz

As the mural is up for limited viewing that only the students of 2015-2016 will be able to experience, photos of the mural is encouraged to memorialize this special event. The wall will be coming down soon to celebrate yet another section of our building being turned back over to us and in so doing, will have completed it’s goal.